About Lawson



Lawson Smith was just 20 years old when his stellar life suddenly changed beyond comprehension. In 2012 he came off a skateboard at a family gathering on Christmas Day, hitting his head on the bitumen road. Lawson was not wearing a helmet and the impact caused catastrophic damage to his magnificent brain. Following life support in intensive care and months of hospitalisation in a high acuity ward, Lawson was considered stable for discharge. Our State Rehabilitation Centre refused to admit Lawson as he was non responsive at that time. When aged care presented as his only option Lawson's family brought him home in June 2013. It was the best decision imaginable. 
Prior to the accident Lawson was at university studying Marine Biology and Geology, a passionate supporter of marine conservation, he had hoped to make a difference in helping save the planet. He is an inspiring young man with a solid group of friends who have remained supportive. 

Lawson now vocalises, eats and drinks independently, moves the left side of his body, stands with assistance, drives a powered wheelchair, makes decisions, makes friends and enjoys life. He laughs at the first opportunity, he loves music, art, comedy, socialising with family and friends, yoga, learning activities, walking his dogs, being in the garden and time by the sea.

He defied the odds and went on to share his love of nature through paint, colour and mark making on canvas. Years in the making, Lawson Smith Art has been a dream in progress ever since.


His brain continues to heal.