From Life Support To Art Making

Welcome to Lawson's colourful new world.

When a skateboarding accident left Lawson Smith unable to move, speak, eat or drink, he was faced with life in permanent care. His family believed otherwise and brought him home. Lawson's round the clock care included a mix of mainstream and alternate therapies, good nutrition, loads of time with family and friends plus a hefty dose of love, sea air, sunshine, music, pets, and a permaculture garden. As Lawson began to heal, his sense of humour resurfaced, he regained some mobility and his mental processing became evident. He started to paint abstract forms in bold colour and connections were made between Lawson's creative work and his life before brain injury. Happiest by the sea and passionate about conservation, Lawson still has something to say. 

Lawson Smith Art has reproduced his designs in the spirit of recovery to promote brain injury and rehabilitation awareness.

Proudly made with love in Australia

Infinite Love and Gratitude